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Swimming pool and Spa Cleaning / Maintenance

We check pool, spa, and fountain chemicals, add the appropriate chemicals to yourwater. We clear the debris from your water by brushing and netting. Clean all thebaskets and nets throughout your equipment and inspect your equipment. We will program your equipment to run as little as possible to save you money.

Professional Tile Cleaning

Now offering a state of the art tile cleaning machine for your pool, the Calcium Blaster!! Bead blasting is the process of removing surface deposits by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the surface. It cleans calcium deposits on pool tiles or stone surfaces, removes embedded fungus, and brightens the overall grout color!! In removing calcium on pool surfaces, your pool will be PERFECT just in time for the pool season!

Filter Cleaning

We clean filters and we do it the right way. Our professional technicians will make an onsite assessment of your filter and do an onsite cleaning or acid wash at our facility.