Meet The Team

Chris: Owner and Founder

Chris started this company to provide a better and less expensive way to provide pool care. He eliminated a commission pay scale, still used by most pool companies today, so you never have to question if your water needed that chemical. 20 Years of experience and the leading repair technician in the north state. There is no equipment (commercial/residential) that he hasn’t had training on.

Michael: Manager

Customer satisfaction is his primary goal. One of the most conscientious individuals you will meet. Loves to work with customers in solving problems and leaving everyone with a smile on their face. Quickly became the company “problem solver” and enjoys being that guy that will come through for you.

Misty: Accountant / Office Manager

The back bone of our company by making sure our office runs effectively and smootly.  She ensures to answer any and all questions you may have about your account balance by providing outstanding and professional customer service.

Raphael: Assistant Manager

Michael’s right hand in the field doing the work that really matters. Starting new pools up and cleaning up pools neglected by other companies. A man of action and not words, loves to win you over with hard work. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done to gain the customers approval.